Redwood, Log Trucking, Sawmill
Redwood, Log Trucking, Sawmill


In addition to providing custom logging and millwork services, Creston Sawmill has a variety of products available that can be custom made specifically for your project.


Custom Paneling, Cedar Closet, Quarter Sawn Wood Products, Interior Design, Rustic, Cabin, Decorator Walls, Crown Molding Custom cut paneling and live edge crown molding for a vintage look

Custom Paneling and Siding

Are you looking to panel a room for a rustic feel?  Do you have a closet you would like to line with cedar? Our wood that is put into rustic application is also as striking as our indoor material.


We stock lots of incense cedar for custom closets. Cedar is available in widths up to 18".

Other varieties of paneling are available in widths up to 24". 

With the wide variety of logs in inventory, we are sure to have the product and look you are after. Quarter sawn material is also available.  Barn/shed siding is available in widths up to 24"






Picnic Table, Redwood and Cedar Table, Custom Outdoor Table, Gifts, Outdoor Furniture Redwood and Cedar Picnic Table. Redwood top and benches and with a Cedar framework

Redwood Picnic Tables and Benches

We are known for our custom Redwood or Cedar picnic tables and benches.  We have tables in stock or can make them to your specifications. Picnic tables and benches of cedar or redwood in full demension 2"  -  not your typical hardware store variety.   They are assembled with screws and bolts, not nails.







Vanity top, Interior Design, Decorator, Log Cabin, Red Oak, Rustic, Wood, Bathroom Counter, Interior Furnishings, Custom Cabinets Custom Red Oak bath vanity and top

Custom Vanities and Vanity Tops

We can create unique wood vanities and vanity tops to fit your custom designs. We always have milled and dried tops in stock. We can also mill something custom from your log or a log from our inventory to obtain the look you're after.



Vanity top, Interior Design, Decorator, Log Cabin, Rustic, Wood, Bathroom Counter, Interior Furnishings Old growth Redwood milled for a customer in Australia

Custom Mantles and Bar Tops

We have the ability to create just about any interior furnishings including custom mantles for your fireplace or special bar tops.   We can also mill something custom from your log or a log from our inventory to obtain the look you're after.






Furnishings, Table, Custom Redwood, Dining Table, Outdoor Table, Interior Design, Rustic Design, Custom Orders, Fine Furniture One of nine custom Redwood tables built for J&J Cellars with Creston Sawmill Lumber.

Custom Redwood Tables

We can create custom redwood tables to fit any room or design. 











Custom Lumber Orders, Redwood Lumber, Redwood Decks, Redwood Porch, Covered Porch, Barn Lumber, Deck and Porch Construction All heart redwood order for elevated porch, with handrails and stairs. This custom redwood order was installed by the skilled craftsmen of Creston Sawmill

Redwood Decking and Lumber

We have redwood decking available in nominal and full sawn dimensions. 

We can fill custom lumber orders to your specifications. 












Fire wood, sawdust, bark, bark panels, landscaping, barn siding, roundpen siding, live edge slab cuts Redwood live edge slab cuts

Firewood, Sawdust, and Live Edge Slab Cuts

This business naturally has many byproducts:

We have an ongoing supply of redwood sawdust and also mixed sawdust for your planter boxes and topsoil mix. 
We also offer first cut slabs with the bark. These are available year round in any species of wood.  They are perfect for tree forts, sheds, barns, riding arenas and round pens.
We have seasoned and dry firewood available in Pine, Oak, Almond, and hardwood mix.



Log List

  • Redwood
  • Old Growth Redwood
  • Incense & Deodar Cedar
  • Black Walnut
  • Red & White Oak
  • Ash
  • Cypress
  • Douglas Fir
  • Sycamore
  • White Pine

Interested in learning more about our products and services? 


Please contact us with inquiries.  

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Project Gallery


See some of the projects we have recently completed, and be inspired!


Custom Redwood Picknic Tables, Outdoor Furniture, Redwood Furniture, Custom Millwork Custom Cedar Picnic Table

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