Redwood, Log Trucking, Sawmill
Redwood, Log Trucking, Sawmill


At Creston Sawmill, we provide a variety of services and products specific to your project.  From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, we take pride in meeting the needs of our clients. 


Old Growth Redwood Logs, Growth rings, tight grain timber, beautiful wood Old Growth Redwood Logs with 20 growth rings per inch

Tree Felling

We provide tree felling services.  We can come in, fall the trees, skid them to a landing, mill the lumber from your cut list, stack it, sticker the stack and steel band the stacks for transport or delivery to the kiln. We will have it ready for you to move to the jobsite or storage.




Logging, Log Trucking, Kenworth, 1972 Classic Truck, Timber, Self Loader, Self loading short log truck 1972 Kenworth Log Truck with a load of Douglas Fir from the Santa Cruz Mountians

Short Log Trucking

Creston Sawmill has its own logging trucks to move your timber to our facility for milling or other destinations.






Long Log Trucking

Creston Sawmill's Long Log truck used for hauling saw logs to the mill or delivery of streambed restoration logs to the jobsite.




Logging, Log Trucking, Timberking Band Mill, Douglas Fir, Timberking Mill tackling a massive Douglas Fir Log

Custom Milling

We have several mills to handle a variety of log sizes and project requirements.  We also have a mobile mill that we can transport to your job site.   Milling your timber at your location is not a problem. We can come in, fall the trees, skid them to a landing, mill the lumber from your cut list, stack it, stickker the stack and steel band the stacks. We will have it ready for you to move to the jobsite or storage. If you just have a few logs, we can transport them to our mill site.

We have an old fashioned Circular Sawmill which makes lumber with the long arc cut marks that was standard on lumber milled between the 1860's and 1950's. For anyone wanting a vintage or historical look for a project, tasting room or in their home, this mill is the tool.

We have a custom ordered and built Timberking® band mill that muscles through logs up to 32" in diameter and 24' long.  This sawmill has a computer setworks option that allows us to make repetitive, identical lumber.  This special mill sets us apart from other mills with the extra long deck and the computer setworks. 



Log Skidding, Arch Work, Clearing, Winch work, Low Impact Lumber Harvesting John Deere logging dozer skidding a 3' diameter and 12' long, Monterey Pine saw log

Log Skidding, Winch Recovery, Arch Work

We have all the heavy equipment to tackle any job. We pride ourselves in executing a good strategy and logging with minimal impact to your land. We are not an old fashion "hack and slash" operation. Using a logging bulldozer with a winch and arch minimizes the "equipment footprint" on your land. Old fashioned work ethic combined with present day low impact harvesting.


Other Services

Creston Sawmill

         Now Offers

Many woodshop services including resaw & resurfacing of reclaimed lumber from thin paneling to giant beams.

We have other services that we can provide, including clearing, grading, County and Cal-Fire approved controlled burns, road work, ponds and dams, culvert installation and much more.  Call us to discuss your project and your needs. 

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Project Gallery


See some of the projects we have recently completed, and be inspired!


Custom Redwood Picknic Tables, Outdoor Furniture, Redwood Furniture, Custom Millwork Custom Cedar Picnic Table

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